The Pride

Philip, Oliver and Sylvia exist in a complex love triangle which spans over half a century. Alternating between London 1958 and 2013, The Pride examines changing attitudes to sexuality looking at intimacy, identity and the courage it takes to be who you really are.

2013 was a vital year to bring The Pride to a diverse West End audience. It was one in which we celebrated crucial advances for the equal recognition of the LGBT community, while simultaneously bearing witness to atrocious abuse of gay people’s rights around the world. Alexi Kaye Campbell's modern classic explores the complexity of shifting attitudes to homosexuality, seamlessly interweaving buoyant humour with heartbreaking vulnerability.  Four of Britain’s finest young actors performed with astonishing courage on an almost bare stage - a setting that exposed both the audience and the cast to the full impact of this resonant and thought-provoking play.