The Hothouse

It’s Christmas Eve in a nameless state-run institution where inmates are subjected to a tirade of mindless cruelty.  A maniacal and self-obsessed leader breeds a contagion of hierarchical savagery amongst his staff, who thrive on a noxious diet of delusion and deceit.

The Hothouse is an eerily prophetic satire full of the searing wit and flawless phraseology for which Pinter is renowned. Under a veil of raucous humour, the story unfolds to reveal an unequivocal warning against the threat of mindless obedience and despotic rule. Thanks to a cast of seven magnificently dextrous actors, The Hothouse came to life as a deeply unsettling and uproariously funny rollercoaster of a production. The auditorium featured unique, period onstage seating providing audience members with the opportunity to become part of the piece itself – anonymous inmates in this terrifying institution.