“This is powerful stuff, an almighty wallop to the guts of a production”
Time Out

“A gripping and genuinely startling production.  Packs a powerful punch”
The Telegraph 

“A Gripping, no-holds-barred performance that will impress fans of his work and unlock for youthful newcomers to Shakespeare some of the poetic and psychological riches of the play”
The Independent on James McAvoy 


Niamh Jarrold ‏@NiamhJarrold Apr 9 
@lloydjamie Macbeth was incredible last night. Words cannot describe!

Kirsten ‏@KirstZA Apr 23 
Saw @MacbethWestEnd. McAvoy superb, chilling, mesmerizing. Brutal & brilliant version. Congrats to @lloydjamie and co!

Steph Dickson ‏@stephylauren Apr 30 
@lloydjamie Macbeth reminded me why I love theatre. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. All the best.

Conor McGinn ‏@ConorMcGinn Feb 21
Still recovering from @MacbethWestEnd - compelling, intense & v dark. James McAvoy & Claire Foy superb! Bravo @TrafTransformed @lloydjamie.

Stephanie Biden ‏@StephanieBiden Feb 19 
Visceral, intimate, blood-soaked, raw @MacbethWestEnd - loved it! Compelling performance by James McAvoy. Well done @lloydjamie & team.

Jessica Parker ‏@JessicaParkerUK Feb 26 
Inspired. @lloydjamie 's production of Macbeth is a masterclass of theatre. Thrilling..intense...beg,borrow, STEAL a ticket for this!!!

Kate Hudspeth ‏@KateHudspeth Mar 6
Wow. Just, wow. #Macbeth totally blew me away. @lloydjamie is a 
genius and James McAvoy is awesome! @MacbethWestEnd @TrafTransformed

Tommy Pullen ‏@tommypullen Feb 23 
@MacbethWestEnd was the most incredible, exhilarating, capturing, and imaginative piece of theatre I have ever seen in my life! #Phenomenal

edgarwright ‏@edgarwright Mar 16 
Saw @macbethwestend. McAvoy, Masson, Foy & cast are bloody great & greatly bloody. Shocked expressions of the audience in the round a bonus.